Artifical Reef Deployment Study

Title Artificial Reef Deployment Study
Year 1997-1999
Organization Environmental Resources Management, Hong Kong
Objective 1. To select sites for second phase artificial reef deployment.

2. To recommend a management strategy for the deployed artificial reefs.

3. To conduct cost-benefit analysis of deploying ARs.
Study area Hong Kong
Method Information gathered through review of international experience, the two stage public consultation programme, legislative reviews, and economic and ecological modeling
Results 1. The study has indicated that ARs represent a cost-effective method of enhancing marine resources in Hong Kong.

2. The study identified suitable locations for second phase AR deployment and set practical goals and objectives for each deployment site.

3. Recommendations are presented for the deployment of ARs within areas where fishing effort can be controlled under the Fisheries Ordinance through designation of Fisheries Protection Areas.

4. Cost benefit analyses determined that if AR are deployed under a community outreach programme, the economic value of the fishery could increase by as much as 30% after 15 years (52% after 30 years over and above increases in the fishery without ARs).

5. It is concluded that ARs, in combination with FPAs and community involvement, represent a promising, cost-effective means of enhancing marine ecological resources and rebuilding a high value and sustainable fishery for Hong Kong.




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