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Hong Kong Artificial Reef Fish ( January 1998 to September 2003 )
  Family Name Chinese(HK/PRC)Name* Synonym
Common Name
1 Acanthuridae Acanthurus dussumieri 額帶刺尾魚   Eyestripe surgeonfish
2 Acanthuridae Prionurus scalprus 倒吊   Scalpal Sawtail Surgeonfish
3 Ambassidae Ambassis gymnocephalus 透明梳蘿   Bald glassy
4 Antennaridae Histrio histrio 裸躄魚   Sargassumfish
5 Apogonidae Apogon doederleini 十線梳蘿 Amia doederleini Doederleini's cardinalfish
6 Apogonidae Apogon fasciatus 四間梳蘿 Apogon quadrifasciatus Broad-banded Cardinalfish
7 Apogonidae Apogon fleurieu 金梳蘿 Apogon aureus (nec Lacepede) Golden cardinalfish
8 Apogonidae Apogon niger 印度梳蘿 Apogonichthys niger Black cardinalfish
9 Apogonidae Apogon semilineatus 大眼梳蘿 Amia semilineatus Semi-lined cardinalfish
10 Apogonidae Apogon pseudotaeniatus 大炮梳蘿 Apogon taeniatus Two-banded cardinalfish
11 Apogonidae Archamia dispilus 梳蘿   Bloodspot cardinalfish
12 Apogonidae Archamia goni 梳蘿   Blackspot cardinalfish
13 Apogonidae Cheilodipterus artus 縱帶巨牙天竺鯛   Wolf cardinalfish
14 Apogonidae Rhabdamia sp. 箭天竺鯛   Japanese doubles cardinalfish
15 Blennidae Parablennius thysanius 纓副 Blennius thysanius Tasseled blenny
16 Blennidae Entomacrodus stellifer 林哥   Horned striped blenny

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Nomenclature is based on FishBase 2000.

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