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Hong Kong Artificial Reef Fish ( January 1998 to September 2003 )
  Family Name Chinese(HK/PRC)Name* Synonym
Common Name
17 Blennidae Petroscirtes breviceps rJ   Toothed blenny
18 Caesionidae Caesio cuning Q Caesio erythrogaster Redbelly yellowtail fusilier
19 Caesionidae Pterocaesio diagramma Q   Double-lined fusilier
20 Caesionidae Caesio caerulauea Q   Blue & gold fusilier
21 Carangidae Atule mate _C   Yellowtail scad
22 Carangidae Alepes djedaba Caranx kalla Shrimp scad
23 Carangidae Alepes vari SƸ~   Herring scad
24 Carangidae Carangoides praeustus C Caranx praeustus Blacktip crevalle
25 Carangidae Decapterus russelli E Decapterus lajang Indian scad
26 Carangidae Selaroides leptolepis E   Yellow-striped scad
27 Carangidae Seriola dumerili Seriola purpurescens Greater amberjack
28 Carangidae Trachurus japonicus E   Japanese jack mackerel
29 Carangidae Carangoides malabaricus Caranx malabaricus Malabar trevally
30 Carangidae Trachinotus baillonii   Smallspotted dart
31 Carangidae Caranx ignoblis jJ   Giant trevally
32 Carangidae Caranx sexfasciatus a   Bigeye trevally

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Nomenclature is based on FishBase 2000.

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