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Hong Kong Artificial Reef Fish ( January 1998 to September 2003 )
  Family Name Chinese(HK/PRC)Name* Synonym
Common Name
161 Pomacenthidae Abudefduf sexfasciatus ۫b   Scissortail sergeant
162 Pomacenthidae Dascyllus trimaculatus Tvd   Domino fish
163 Pomacentridae Stegastes obreptus ۫b   Western gregory
164 Rachycentridae Rachycentron canadum , jJ   Cobia
165 Scaridae Chlorurus sordidus æxL Scarus sordidus Daisy Parrotfish
166 Scaridae Scarus ghobban Callyodon guttatus Yellow parrotfish, Blue-barred parrotfish
167 Scaridae Hipposcarus longiceps YxL Scarus longiceps Yellow parrotfish, Blue-barred parrotfish
168 Scatophagidae Scatophagus argus   Spotted scat
169 Sciaenidae Argyrosomus japonicus Ct Nibea japonicus Japanese meagre
170 Sciaenidae Sciaenops ocellatus   Red drum
171 Scombridae Scomber japonicus B   Chub mackerel
172 Scombridae Scomberomorus commerson B   Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel
173 Scombridae Euthynnus affinis p   Little tuna
174 Scorpaenidae Dendrochirus zebra l Pseudomonopterus zebra Zebra lionfish
175 Scorpaenidae Pterois volitans l Pterois valitans Turkey lionfish
176 Scorpaenidae Sebastiscus marmoratus ۪   Rockfish

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Nomenclature is based on FishBase 2000.

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