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Hong Kong Artificial Reef Fish ( January 1998 to September 2003 )
  Family Name Chinese(HK/PRC)Name* Synonym
Common Name
193 Serranidae Plectropomus leopardus FP   Coral trout
194 Serranidae Diploprion bifasciatum Ny Diploprion bifasciatus Two-banded soapfish
195 Serranidae Siganus guttatus d   Orange-spotted spinefoot
196 Serranidae Siganus canaliculatus d Siganus oramin White spotted rabbitfish
197 Serranidae Epinephelus fasciatomaculatus ۰v    
198 Sparidae Pagrus major P Pagrosomus major, Chrysophrys Red seabream (red pargo)
199 Sparidae Acanthopagrus berda ՞P Sparus berda White seabream
200 Sparidae Acanthopagrus latus


Sparus latus, Mylio latus Yellowfin seabream
201 Sparidae Acanthopagrus schlegeli žP Sparus macrocephalus, Mylio Black porgy
202 Sparidae Acanthopagrus australis ՞P   Surf bream
203 Sparidae Evynnis cardinalis GƧXP Parargyrops edita Cardinal bream
204 Sparidae Rhabdosargus sarba P   Gold-lined seabream
205 Sphyraenidae Sphyraena jello ñ   Pickhandle barracuda
206 Sphyraenidae Sphyraena flavicauda ñ Sphyraena langsar Yellow-tailed barracuda
207 Sphyraenidae Sphyraena putnamiae A   Sawtooth barracuda
208 Sphyraenidae Sphyraena barracuda j쳽()   Giant barracuda

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Nomenclature is based on FishBase 2000.

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