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Hong Kong Artificial Reef Fish ( January 1998 to September 2003 )
  Family Name Chinese(HK/PRC)Name* Synonym
Common Name
209 Sygnathidae Hippocapus kuda ޮ   Spotted seahorse
210 Sygnathidae Syngnathus schlegeli s   Pipefish
211 Sygnathidae Syngnathoides biaculeatus s   Alligator pipefish
212 Sygnathidae Synodus variegatus ۪   Variegated lizardfish
213 Tetraodontidae Pelates quadrilineatus fB   Four-line tigerfish
214 Tetraodontidae Rhynchopelates oxyrhynchus yB Terapon oxyrhynchus Sharp-nosed Tigerfish
215 Tetraodontidae Terapon jarbua B   Jarbua terapon perch
216 Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus spadiceus w Tetraodon spadiceus Half-smooth golden pufferfish
217 Tetraodontidae Takifugu alboplumbeus w (nec Fish base) Fugu vermicularis Spotted puffer
218 Tetraodontidae Takifugu oblongus w Fugu oblongus Lattice puffer
219 Tetraodontidae Chelonodon patoca w   Milkspotted puffer
220 Tetraodontidae Arothron hispidus w Tetraodon hispidus White-spotted puffer
221 Tetraodontidae Arothron nigropunctatus w   Black-spotted puffer
222 Zanclidae Zanclus cornutus I   Moorish idol

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Nomenclature is based on FishBase 2000.

* If the Chinese character does not show, please install Hong Kong Font provided by HKSAR Government.






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